Estate Planning and Legacy

Although it’s a topic which many people find uncomfortable, estate planning is an important process to consider within any financial plan.

Estate planning is the process of planning and documenting your wishes for the distribution of your assets (which may be both financial and sentimental) when you pass away. It may help provide you and your loved ones with the comfort and security of knowing that your estate will be distributed in accordance with your preferences, and may help to alleviate stress and complications for your loved ones in the event of your passing

Estate planning not only deals with the assets that you own personally, but those you control as well. This can include insurance policies, and may set out how your superannuation benefits will be distributed to your loved ones and beneficiaries.

Your Financial Adviser can provide estate planning advice to help you plan for:

  • Having sufficient assets available to meet your wishes upon death

  • Your beneficiaries receiving the entitlements you intended for them to receive

  • Minimising any taxation associated with the transfer of assets

  • Protecting any beneficiaries with special needs

  • Ownership or control passing to a beneficiary at the right time.

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